We have received many complimentary comments about our book, some samples:

Red Robinson (elected member of several Hall of Fames including "Canadian Association of Broadcasters....", "BC Entertainment...." and "The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame")
This is something (for) everyone who listened to Top 40 radio or shopped for records at a record store or still love vinyl. Remember record stores? Remember records? We have waited for years for just such a research journal for all those wonderful years listening to music. I heartily recommend this book and a big tip of the hat to Brian for his efforts in making this happen.

Tom Hawthorn (Globe & Mail Columnist)
The big hits heard on the radio were joined by popular local acts such as The Prowlers (with Les Vogt, whose The Blamers knocked Elvis off the top of the Vancouver charts in 1960) and The Chessmen (featuring rhythm guitarist Terry Jacks, later to have a monster smash with – ear-worm warning – Seasons in the Sun). Add a dash of Pacific Northwest bands and a pinch of British Invasion, and the city’s radio mix was unlike that heard elsewhere.

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Terry Cook, FRSC (lecturer, writer, Department Of History, University of Manitoba)
Just to let you know that your magnificent book arrived this afternoon. I've just spent an hour with the book to get a feel for it, and really like it - wonderfully designed, very detailed information formatted to be very clear and most presentable, and such a wealth of useful information from "our" peak time in music. I enjoyed readng through the front-end matertial, and the nice dedications and acknowledgements. I'm delighted to have this - excellent value for the money, and have NO doubt I'll be returning to it again and again. Will join (and for these years surpass) Joel Whitburn's volumes on my music shelves!!

Brian Antonson
CONGRATULATIONS on a first rate product. I have my own non-fiction work about a local legend on the market and I know how much work went into OUR effort. Yours has an incredible amount of information in it, with exceptional cross-referencing and all...and I know how massive an undertaking it will have been to produce this. Well done, you!

I was still in elementary school in 1960 when a friend who was already in junior high said to me "Hey, there's a radio station just for us's up here at the top end of the dial" and he moved me from "my parents' radio station", CKNW, to CFUN. Dave McCormick and Frosty Forst and Al Jordan and Brian Lord were "The Swingin' Men at 1410", and I fell in love with everything they had to offer. Years later, I began my own career in radio and worked with each of my "heroes"...and Red and still others who came along to CFUN various ways. I spent a decade at "my parents' radio station", but my years as a "listener" are grounded in what came from the studios at 1900 West 4th Avenue, and I still go back to that music as my "favourite" of all. Your work is a magical romp through those years and while I have thousands of 45s and hundreds of LPs and hundreds of CDs in my collection, I've still found all sorts of "memories" listed that I DON'T have in my collection...and I've now downloaded them from YouTube.

...and congratulations again on an exceptional product. Not only "well done", but "VERY well done" and WELL WORTH the price!!!!

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