The book presents the compiled data from six different chart-series produced in Vancouver, British Columbia between September, 1956 and December, 1978. The six chart-series are the Top Ten taken from Red Robinson's surveys (CJOR & CKWX), CKWX charts including "The Sensational Sixty" and "The Fabulous Forty", two different chart-series from C-FUN including the "Hi-Fi Forty", the "Funtastic Fifty" and the "Top 30", the CKLG charts including the "Silver Dollar Survey" and the "Boss 30" and the CKVN charts including the "Top 30 Record Survey" and the "Top 40." Each chart-series covers at least one overlapping period with another chart-series. When the same song appeared on two of the chart-series at around the same time during an overlapping period, the song is only listed once even though the compiled results are provided from both chart-series.

The book lists 7,800 hits by almost 2,400 different artists. Over 2,600 of these hits charted on two chart-series during the covered overlapping periods. As a result, the book lists the compiled results for over 10,400 chart-lives - 3,417 chart-lives from the C-FUN charts (1959 to 1967), 3,485 from the CKLG charts, 2,254 from CKWX, 766 from CKVN, 330 from Red Robinson's Top Tens, and 158 from the second C-FUN series covering just 1978.

The book has five sections: Introduction, Songs Listed by Artist, Songs Listed by Year (by Peak Position), Statistics and Song Title Index.

Information included for each charted song includes:
  • Precise title as it appeared on the label
  • Name of the Artist(s)
  • Date it first entered the charts
  • Number of weeks it was on the charts
  • Peak Position
  • Date it first reached its peak position
  • Number of weeks it held its peak position
  • Number of weeks in the Top Ten (if any)
  • Chart series
  • Original Canadian label and catalogue number
  • Qualified Canadian Content Songs are noted

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