More than 93 percent of the titles, artists and Canadian labels listed in the book were taken directly from the original Canadian labels. The remaining titles and artists were taken directly from the original foreign labels (almost entirely from the U.S.) and the names and numbers of the Canadian labels were derived from a variety of different sources.

During my research I was surprised as to how many titles (and artists) were listed differently on the Canadian compared to the U.S. labels. The book includes notes regarding these known differences.

This link lists those titles in which I don't have a scan of the original Canadian label. If you have any of these records, I would appreciate an e-mail of a scan of the given record. Please send to

Near the end of the list are 59 titles in which I have been unable to verify the Canadian label. In some cases it is likely that the song was never released on a Canadian label, but in other cases it likely was. The book (and the attached list) identifies these labels by inserting "US" (and in one case "UK") before the label and the U.S. label is listed. If you have the original Canadian label of any of these, a scan would be appreciated.

At the end of the list is 1 title that was from an LP, not a single. The label number listed is the LP number. In this case it is the scan of the Canadian LP label that is wanted. The title and the name of the album is as follows:

  • The Secret - Gene McDaniels from the LP "Tower Of Strength"

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